Issue Three

Considering the role of artwork and objects in the passing down of knowledge and stories, Issue Three brings together Australian and international artists who play with ideas of myth, monuments, relics, and inevitably, time. From mystic mountains and mythic creatures, to regional museums and assemblages of domestic objects, Time Ago plays with the duality of photography as both narrative and document, deceiver and timekeeper. Issue Three also sees Camille Serisier from Issue One return to interview Jacqui Stockdale, regular contributor Christine McFetridge contemplate the works of Beth Macraid O'Loughlin, Lisa Bryan-Brown write about the cross-disciplinary practice of Kate Beckingham, and Helen Bird interview emerging artist Bridie Gillman. By far the largest Common Ground issue to date, this expanded edition reflects on the role of photography in understanding the inanimate, the historical and the larger than life.


Esther Teichmann
Yvette Monahan
Beth Macraid O'Loughlin
Christine McFetridge
Izabela Pluta
Bridie Gillman
Helen Bird
Polixeni Papapetrou
Kate Beckingham
Lisa Bryan-Brown
Jacqui Stockdale
Camille Serisier
Wilma Hurskainen
Simone Rosenbauer


Download here (19.9 MB)