Issue One

Reflecting upon ideas of life cycles and identity, Common Ground's first issue focuses on work by artists who have responded to their own spatial and familial identities. Whether it be the glitter facade of the Gold Coast, retracing matrilineal heritage in India, or observing family across continents, each of the artists in Point of Origin have used photo-media to interpret and understand their contexts. Similarly, the interviews featured within this issue explore Australian nature, Serbian cultural heritage and even the experience of birth itself. Ultimately, Issue One is about the retracting of beginnings, and the foundations on which one builds their sense of self.


Anna Carey
Ying Ang
Camille Serisier
Sancintya Simpson
Katrin Koenning
Lynette Letic
Rebecca Smith
Belinda Kochanowska


Download here (7.5 MB)